Stockpiling for Brexit

I’m not alone in having begun stockpiling food, mostly staples and preserves that won’t go off. If all goes surprisingly smoothly with Brexshit and we get a deal, the worst thing will be I end up with a lot of food to eat having bought it at pre-Brexshit prices. It’ll get used come what may, … Read moreStockpiling for Brexit

Brexshit: don’t worry, the unicorns will save us all

The Brexshit Unicorn

I see government representatives such as Jeremy C-sorry, Hunt are again, same as every day, bringing out the unicorns to line them up along the cliffs of Dover, ready to ensure with a sprinkle of fairy glitter that it will be business as usual from B-Day (yes, there’s a double meaning there, as in bidet, … Read moreBrexshit: don’t worry, the unicorns will save us all

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