The carnivorous chef

“You’re vegan. I’m a chef. I hate vegans. Sorry.” Me, totally unfazed. “Er, why?” “Vegan food has no flavour.” “Um, you’re telling me fruit and vegetables don’t have flavour?” I thought about telling this ‘chef’ that a great deal of meat derives its flavour from herbs, spices, marinades and so on. But nah. I was … Read moreThe carnivorous chef

UK supermarkets and vegan food

I can’t be the only customer to have noticed the staggering ineptitude of UK supermarkets when it comes to stocking food that vegans actually want to buy. I noticed it with vegetarian food at my local Tesco first. Veggie sandwiches vanished as soon as put out and by end of day they were flogging meat … Read moreUK supermarkets and vegan food

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