The carnivorous chef

“You’re vegan. I’m a chef. I hate vegans. Sorry.” Me, totally unfazed. “Er, why?” “Vegan food has no flavour.” “Um, you’re telling me fruit and vegetables don’t have flavour?” I thought about telling this ‘chef’ that a great deal of meat derives its flavour from herbs, spices, marinades and so on. But nah. I was … Read moreThe carnivorous chef

Tales of the Bird Man: No Meat on my Plate

Not a meat bird. Lucky Roxy!

It’s strange, thinking back to the days when I ate meat, specifically about the act of eating meat and what meat I ate. As an adult I recall the tinned ravioli of my youth and I come over all queasy. To this day, I’m not at all sure what the meat was composed of that … Read moreTales of the Bird Man: No Meat on my Plate

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