2 hours ago
4/4 Risk is more stupidity spreading out from Westminster across the UK, worsening the situation overall. Looking ahead, a high pressure wave of dumbfuckery is on its way across the Atlantic, bringing shit food & private health care. Imports of South American SPAM are possible.
3 hours ago
3/4 Wales has a mixed outlook while Northern Ireland looks as though a small number of stupid outbreaks are nevertheless going to have a disproportionate devastating impact.
3 hours ago
2/4 Heavy downpours of bullshit are expected across England, with politicians being slippery and capable of causing a major accident. Scotland will be mostly fine.
3 hours ago
1/4 We need a Stupidity Index. You know, like the UV Index. This week, for example, the Stupidity Index is again going to be in the upper range of 80-100 out of a possible 100.

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